You Love Disney But What Other Great Things Can You Do In Orlando?

When people mention Orlando, Florida, they often discuss Disneyworld. People flock from all around the globe every year to visit Disney, but there is so much more to do in Orlando. Here we’ll take a look at just what other attractions this fantastic, world famous holiday destination has to offer.

Wild Florida

Wild Florida is an award winning airboat and gator park. You’ll be able to hop aboard a U.S Coast Guard approved airboat, seeing animals such as alligators and wild boars on your journey.


It’s an excellent a blast from the past with the park showing you what Florida was like back in the 1800s. If airboats aren’t your thing, you could take a walk through the wildlife and gator park, with numerous animals such as lemurs and sloths hanging around too. There’s also a ranch buggy tour and The Chomp House Grill that put on a great bbq.

Universal Studios

Most people will have heard of Universal Studios, especially if you know your films and TV programmes. Well, Universal Studios is a theme park that follows the theme of movies and television. It allows visitors to immerse themselves in their favourite films and TV shows. vb-uk2_tcm37-59408.jpgThere are various rides as well as live shows for guests to entertain themselves with while enjoying the unique concept of being at a working motion and television studio. Universal Studios is also accompanied by Universal’s Islands of Adventure and Universal’s Volcano Bay.

Nasa/Kennedy Space Centre

The Nasa Kennedy Space Centre is a place where young and old alike can go and learn more about space and experience everything that goes with it. Kennedy_Space_Center_Visitor_Complex__(75955).jpgThe site is divided into zones which all reflect on specific times in the history of space travel. Special events often take place, and this allows visitors to watch real rockets take off as well as meet astronauts in the process. There are high tech attractions that will keep everyone entertained as they learn more about the exciting world of space.



Everyone will have visited a type of aquarium in their lifetime, but nothing will compare to SeaWorld in Orlando. You’ll be able to get up close with your favourite animals that call the sea their home, but that’s not all. Manta_357x229.jpg

There are various shows that you’ll be able to see, catching a further glimpse of the sea life. There are also firework displays put on after dark. Then if rides and roller coasters are your ideas of fun, they’ve got plenty to offer. Mako which is based at SeaWorld is Orlando’s fastest, tallest and longest roller coaster!

Clearwater Beach

Clearwater Beach is one of Florida’s most popular beaches. The beaches are pristine, and the waters are inviting for people looking to go for a swim. This isn’t all that Clearwater has to offer though.The whole area has you covered with restaurants and places to stay. There’s also a marine aquarium that allows you to take a closer look at marine life.

Science Center

The Orlando Science Center encourages and inspires people to learn about science, let’s face it science is pretty fun. It’s an educational centre, but you’re learning in a fun and engaging way. Over four floors you’ll experience live programming, exciting exhibits, movies on the giant screen and much more. Everything is completely indoors too. So if the weather isn’t great, it really is the ideal destination.

Forever Florida

Forever Florida is all about outdoor adventure. So if you’re outdoorsy sort, this could be the perfect attraction for you to visit when in the area. There’s a guided nature tour that will allow you to get up close with the local wildlife, horseback riding for those wishing to experience Florida just as the founding settlers did and zip lining for the real adrenaline junkies. All in all, when it comes to adventure, Forever Florida has you covered.


If you want to see alligators and crocodiles up close and personal, Gatorland is the place to be. It’s an attraction for families, and the price is attractive too. As well as being able to take a look at gators and crocs, you’ll find other animals and birds around the place as well as unique animal shows. gatorland09.JPGIf you’re a thrill seeker, you may enjoy the Screamin’ Gator Zip Line. The zip lines allow you to soar over the site, gators and crocs included, at speeds of up to 30mph.



The Orlando Eye

The Orlando Eye can provide a bit of a break from all the adventuring, giving you a chance to take in Orlando in an entirely different yet amazing way.


The wheel that stands at 400ft allows you to experience breath taking views of Florida in all its beauty. Theme parks, downtown Orlando and even Cape Canaveral, are in view as you take a bit of time to unwind from the mad rush.


The Cirque Magique

The Cirque Magique is an interactive show that sees top circus performers from around the globe take part. Jugglers, acrobats, comedy magicians and even performing puppies will give you plenty of shocks, laughs and amazement. It’s perfect for families to enjoy and you even get a meal included with delicious ice cream for dessert.

Give yourself extra time

With so much to see in Orlando, make sure you plan your holiday with enough time to enjoy everything that there is to offer. Your vacation is guaranteed to be non-stop fun!